bpmContractor runs on, the world's leading customer relationship management (CRM) system.  
You can organize your customers, vendors, suppliers, contractors, and employees in one place. You can efficiently store your leads and track converted sales.
Quoting and Estimating
bpmContractor features a powerful and versatile quoting module built specifically for drafting proposals for windows and doors.
With this module, you can produce estimates in less time, and, equally valuable, standardize your sales proposals across the sales staff.
Product Order Management
bpmContractor keeps track of orders for every project that require manufacturing products.

You can easily see how much money's worth of inventory you have in your warehouse awaiting installation.
Job Accounting
bpmContractor meticulously tracks all job-related expenses, encompassing costs for manufactured products, raw materials, installation labor, and various professional expenses.

This comprehensive monitoring ensures a detailed financial overview of each project, enabling effective budget management and cost control.

With bpmContractor, You can make informed decisions, optimize resource allocation, and enhance overall project profitability.
Sales Commission Accounting
bpmContactor allows for custom sales commission calculations, enabling both the Admin Department and the sales team to monitor the sales commissions earned and paid out, all in real time.

You can add your customized formula to calculate the sales commission for sales personnel, ensuring a tailored approach that fits your business model.

Additionally, bpmContractor will calculate the final sales commission after performing job costing, providing a comprehensive and accurate financial picture.
Customer Payment Accounting
bpmContactor integrates with Stripe, offering sales and operations staff on-the-go access to customer payment information. This feature ensures that authorized personnel are always aware of the balance due on every project, allowing them to leverage this crucial information in real-time.

With the addition of Stripe integration, managing and processing payments becomes more streamlined, providing a direct link between project billing and payment collection. Importantly, this access is designed to coexist harmoniously with your accounting software, ensuring seamless integration and functionality. Discover the full potential of bpmContactor with Stripe.
Permitting Data Management
bpmContractor keeps track of permitting data, such as expiration dates and inspections, which is key to avoiding delays.
Additionally, having scheduled permit expiration log reports alerts staff to take early action and avoid paying renewal permit fees.
Building Inspection Tracking
bpmContractor tracks building permit inspections.
You can schedule inspections, store results, add comments, and upload pictures and documents for easy reference and record-keeping.
Track Communications
bpmContractor enables users to track phone calls and emails sent to customers, vendors, suppliers, and coworkers, ensuring efficient communication management and improved collaboration.
Charts and Reports
bpmContractor creates fully customizable reports, empowering you to understand overall company performance and individual project productivity.
You can easily track and monitor the success of different lead sources in closing sales.
Key Performance Indicators
bpmContractor has specific key performance indicators (KPIs) tailored for window and door dealers.
KPIs include the time-to-quote ratio, time-to-close ratio, total project life cycle, and several others, all designed to meet the unique needs of the industry and enable efficient performance tracking and analysis.
Multi-Device Access
bpmContractor supports access from conventional desktop computers, tablets, and mobile phones.
As this software runs on the Salesforce platform, you can easily download the Mobile App for both Apple and Android devices, providing you with the flexibility to manage your processes on the go.

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Customer Testimonial

A Big Game Changer

Nour Aljamal, Sales Representative at Hurricane Window and Screen

Nour significantly reduced the time required for quoting by about 75%, streamlining Hurricane Window and Screen's processes and enabling them to serve their customers more efficiently.

bpmContractor was a big game changer. Being specifically tailored for the window's industry, the software had all the necessary options readily available, making it easy for them to just click and go.

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