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Who We Are

xTriam is a technology consulting firm that helps small- and medium-sized companies significantly improve their profitability by streamlining their business processes and operations. We specifically service manufacturers, dealers and suppliers in the windows and doors industry. We combine our in-depth expertise of the window and door industry with our hands-on software development experience to create valuable, leaping digital business transformations.

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A picture of who we are, a team of professionals dedicated to empowering small-business owners.

Our Specialty

xTriam specializes in designing user-friendly, intuitive web-based, multi-device solutions that efficiently handle the business processes needed to deliver an outstanding customer experience. Our tools provide company clients with powerful capabilities, including lead generation management, sales and estimating functionality, order management and customer communications platform.

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reason why we are in business

xTriam, LLC was founded on the principle that streamlined business processes are key to providing small-business owners, like you, with the maximum output for your efforts when aggressively scaling up your operations. Without digital tools that support your business processes, rapid growth spins out of control, hurting your ability to effectively fulfilling and supporting what you sell.

Owners of small businesses bear strong responsibilities as they need to "wear many hats" from generating sales to manage operations to recruit personnel to oversee the administrative and financial functions of the business. Starting up and growing a small business takes a toll since it can create a great deal of stress. If you are one of  those owners who want to significantly expand your operations, you might find it challenging to avoid working overtime and long-hour days to fuel the growth.

xTriam solutions are built with the primary goal of giving highly-driven
small-business owners, like you, the power to effectively fuel the growth while making-up time for your personal life. Our end goal is to give you powerful tools to allow you to reach an optimum work-life balance.