About bpmPro

bpmPro is a cloud-based software, that is, a software that you don't need to install in your device to use it. Instead, it runs on the world's leading CRM platform: Salesforce. bpmPro can effectively and rapidly streamline your entire business operations — from engaging the client to managing the order to delivering the service to supporting your post-sales efforts.


  • PROFITS. Maximizes profit by increasing staff productivity and reducing operating costs.
  • DATA. Centralizes enterprise data into one single, cloud-based application that can handle information about customers, vendors, subcontractors, employees, projects and more.
  • VISIBILITY. Provides easy access to key performance indicators, such as sales conversion rates, project life cycles, building permit expedition schedule, and many more stats and ratios.
  • COSTS. Reduces direct costs by allowing real-time tracking of project labor and materials, as well as effective field-to-office communications.
  • WORKFLOWS. Improves cross-functional staff communications and task assignment. It also allows for establishing ruled-based workflows of critical processes.
  • EFFICIENCY. Improves overall efficiency by allowing managers to establish business process controls.
Unleash the Power of Information

bpmPro Features

bpmPro runs on Salesforce, the world's leading customer relationship management (CRM) system. So, you can organize your customers, vendors, suppliers, contractors and employees in one place.  You can efficiently store your leads and converted sales.
Quoting and Estimating
bpmPro features a powerful, versatile quoting module built specifically for drafting proposals for windows and doors. Produce estimates in less time, and, equally valuable, standardize your sales proposals across the sales staff.
Product Order Management
For every project that requires manufacturing products, you can keep track on the orders in bpmPro.

Job Accounting
With bpmPro, you can track all job-related expenses, such as manufactured products, raw materials, installation labor and other professional expenses.
Sales Commission Accounting
bpmPro allows for custom sales commission calculations. Admin Department, as well as the sales team, can monitor the sales commissions earned and paid out. All in real time.
Customer Payment Accounting
bpmPro provides the sales and operations staff to access customer payment information on the go. This way, authorized staff is aware of balance due on every project and use the information in real time without messing with the accounting software.
Permitting Data Management
For full-service projects that require product installations, keeping track of permit data, such as expiration dates and inspections, is key to avoid delays. Also, having scheduled permit expiration log reports alert staff to take early action and avoid paying renewal permit fees.
Building Inspection Tracking
bpmPro has a module to enter and track building permit inspections per project. You can schedule inspections and store results, comments and upload pictures and documents.
Track Communications
Throughout the application, users have several effective ways to track phone calls and email messages sent to customers, vendors, suppliers and coworkers.
Charts and Reports
bpmPro allows you to create fully customizable reports to understand the overall company performance, or individual project productivity. For example, you can easily track and monitor which lead source is more successful in getting a closed sale.
Key Performance Indicators
bpmPro has specific key performance indicators specifically designed for window and door dealers, such as time-to-quote ration, time-to-close ratio, total project life cycle, and several more.
Multi-Device Access
bpmPro supports access from conventional desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones.  Since the bpmPro runs on the Salesforce platform, you can download the Mobile App for either Apple or Android devices.


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