Software and Technical Setup

Is bpmContractor a CRM?

Yes, bpmContactor is a comprehensive software solution designed specifically for window contractors. It combines the functionalities of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, a quoting system, project management tools, process management capabilities, and automation features.

It is worth noting that bpmContractor is built on, the world's leading CRM platform. This integration ensures seamless data management and leverages the robust capabilities of Salesforce to enhance your window contracting business operations.

Do I need to install it on my PC?


No, there is no need to install bpmPro on your PC. It is a cloud-based software solution, which means you can access it through a web browser from any device with an internet connection.

Whether you're using a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or even a smartphone, you can conveniently access bpmContractor and manage your window contracting processes without the hassle of installing any software locally. This provides flexibility and accessibility for users to work from anywhere at any time.

Can I access bpmContractor on different devices?


Absolutely! bpmContractor is designed to be accessible across multiple devices. Whether you're using a PC, tablet, or mobile device, you can conveniently access and use bpmContractor's features and functionalities. This ensures flexibility and enables you to manage your window contracting processes seamlessly, no matter where you are or what device you prefer to work with.

Enjoy the freedom of accessing bpmContractor on your preferred device and streamline your operations with ease.

How do I set up bpmPro for my company users?


xTriam implementation team does this for you. Setting up bpmContractor for your company users involves a technical setup process, ensuring smooth implementation and access for all users.

Can I customize user permissions and roles within bpmContractor?


Yes, you have the flexibility to create different user profiles and define permissions based on roles such as Management, Sales Reps, and Limited.

Importing and Managing Company Data

How can I import existing company contacts into bpmContractor?


You can easily import your company's contacts, including customers, vendors, and subcontractors, into
bpmPro Window Contractor to maintain a centralized database. xTriam implementation staff will assist you with this task.

What measures does bpmContractor take to validate contact data during import?


bpmPro Window Contractor employs data validation mechanisms during the import process to ensure the accuracy and reliability of your contact information.

Can I load custom pricing data into bpmContractor?


Absolutely! You can load custom pricing data, such as labor rates, permit expediting service fees, and lists of manufacturers and municipalities, to tailor the software to your specific needs.

Subscription Plans: Professional vs. Enterprise

Is there a limitation on the number of users for each plan?


No.  There is no limitation.

Can users switch between plans or upgrade their subscription as their needs evolve?


Companies can switch between plans at any time.

What are the deliverables of bpmContractor software?


The deliverables of bpmContractor software include:

  • Technical setup for company users.
  • Creating users and defining user permissions, which are then assigned to the three available profiles: Management, Sales Reps, and Limited.
  • Importing existing company contacts, including customers, vendors, and subcontractors, while ensuring contact data validation.
  • Loading custom pricing data, such as labor rates, permit expediting service fees, and lists of manufacturers and municipalities.
  • Customizing Sales Documents like proposals and contracts.
  • Customizing Email Templates for various purposes like Lead Assignment, Proposal Presentation, Product Order Updates, and Case Originations.

How can I customize Sales Documents using bpmContractor?


With bpmContractor, you have the ability to customize Sales Documents, such as proposals and contracts, to reflect your brand and business preferences.

Can I personalize Email Templates in bpmContractor?


Yes, bpmContractor allows you to personalize Email Templates for various purposes, including Lead Assignment, Proposal Presentation, Product Order Updates, and Case Originations. This helps maintain consistent and professional communication with clients and stakeholders.

Customer and Technical Support

What level of customer support is provided for each subscription plan?


xTriam offers full customer and technical support from Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 6 PM EST.